Video Production


"Our PR journey with Vikki Locke is nothing short of spectacular! Vikki was a savvy, smart, and fun loving spokeperson for our lingerie retail business. She earned the trust and confidence of so many women in the ATL market and her endorsements sent traffic our way every day! We collaborated on themes for publicity, she served as storyteller, promoting our brand and it was phenomenal. We achieved 30% growth month over month, and achieved record setting goals. I personally believe Vikki drove so much consumer attention that we became “a sensation” and ended up on the Oprah Show!”
Susan Nethero
- CEO/Business Founder, Investor, Keynote Speaker, Marketing Strategist and Managing Director of Golden Seeds

Lights, Camera, Action!

Video is a powerful medium. People would much rather watch a video than read something.  I believe strongly in the power of storytelling. 

I work with my partners at Burnett Media in Atlanta and United Sound & Video in Florida. Together we convey your message visually –highlighting your business, your product or even you! Scripting, storyboards, production, filming, directing and editing – let us show the world who you are.