Writing/Social Media


"Vikki has been invaluable to me as editor of six monthly lifestyle magazines. Her story pitches are targeted and relevant, which means she understands our demographics and brand. Her writing is tight and her style is in line with our voice. With an audience of upscale and educated readers, Vikki is able to identify their interests and work with our editorial team to get the most for her clients, which benefits everyone!"
Sue Collins
- editor Lifestyle Publications

Put it in Writing

Suck at writing?  Relax, it’s what I do best. Writing has been my passion all my life. I have over 30 years of experience writing copy for radio, TV and print!  It’s kind of my thing after spending over 30 years on Atlanta radio. I’ve interviewed presidents and other world leaders, musicians, movie and television stars and sports celebrities. I have ghostwritten articles for Fortune 500 CEOs and provided speech writing services.

You start with a conversation, ask the hard questions, get to the essence of the topic, and put pen to paper (or keystrokes to the computer!) I love to help my clients find their authentic voice and communicate their message no matter what the platform.